Our company is first established in 1999 as a subsidiary of “Tsast Impex” LLC and, starting from 2007, our business activities are expanding under the official name as “Tsast River Sounds” LLC. River flow and its sound is unique natural melody that relaxes and relieves human soul. Same as true to our River Sound club which has already became a place to provide citizens a nightly relaxation and “air” to breath within noisy and busy city life as well as a venue for friends to hang-out, couples, guests and foreigners to meet. An identification “LIVE MUSIC CLUB” is inseparable part of our activity and we firmly support live music, rock and pop arts and frequently organize concerts, opening ceremony of new albums, music festivals in the “River Sound” club. For examples: we organized a modern music shows for James Blunt, “Beatless”, “Kean Night” DJ Brain Offinter and DJ Matt songs and an international music festival named “Jazz of GREAT prairie”. On the honour of serving our customers we are awarded as Best Night Club and Top 10 entrepreneur. Prior to our 5th and 10th anniversary of the club in 2005 and 2010, we executed complete renovation, extension and construction for our club and installed Martin March JBL” brand music equipment. We are proud of our team who became trusted client to customers by providing them comfortable, relaxing environment with melodies of life music. All our endeavours have brought us a reputation to be named as №1 Live Music Club of Mongolia.

We create through healthy, eco-friendly technology up to international standards.